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We couldn’t resist the headline.  There in the start of the week was the usually demure wife of Dionisio D’Aguilar, the Minister of Tourism, in the yard next door to their house it turns out, pulling up the pipes that were to anchor a fence on the property.  She was in an angry rant with the people taking the video.  They on the other side of the camera were asking her why she was removing their fence preparations.  She was accusing them of putting a tractor on her land and pulling up her trees.  Later her husband, issued a statement accusing those who were taking her picture of being “land grabbers”.  It seems that without the permission of the owners, who Mr. D’Aguilar said had given his wife permission, the videographers had decided to grab the land by fencing it in. He called them well known land grabbers.  Later by the same methods there was another video of Attorney Keith Bell for the Arawak Homes Development who served an injunction on the land grabbers it seems.  We await the next turn in that story. They tried to use the same video tactic against Mr.Bell.  Didn’t have same effect as an angry woman pulling up the pipes in the ground.  Mrs. D’Aguilar bless her heart is an honorary consul (well at least she seemed to have the plate on her car) and represents a foreign government in The Bahamas.  She should perhaps remember that before getting into an angry confrontation with citizens of The Bahamas.