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The Nassau Guardian ran an editorial in which it claimed that the present Leader of the PLP Philip Davis needed to be changed.  They were encouraging by clever words Chester Cooper, who is now the Deputy Leader, to take a stab at removing the present Leader Philip Davis and become leader himself.  This is just idle mischief which is meant to create problems and cause strife.  It will not work because everyone can see it coming a mile off.  The Nassau Guardian is a worthless paper.  They have no journalistic ethics.  We have pointed this time and time again.  This is part of a sustained propaganda campaign to try and discredit the PLP.  They have no concern for the PLP or the country’s future with these crooks that presently run us.  They will give any excuse for the FNM. They act the part of press minders. Remember it was they who were urging Mr. Davis to challenge Mr. Christie.  So he was acceptable then but not now. Go figure.  Senator Fred Mitchell posted this video on Facebook to answer the Nassau Guardian on 19th October.