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Last week when this column debuted, we neglected to point out the fact that these are observations based on the chatter on social media from a younger perspective. Good. We told you. Now, for this week’s edition, we figured we’d do something different. With everything going on in the five ring circus that is the FNM Misadministration, rather than post on five points as per our format, we’ll write a letter to our PM and see if he gets the point. Since everyone else is writing him, here goes.

Dear the Honorable Dr. Hubert Minnis

Prime Minister of The Bahamas and Chief moon fisherman

Re: Everything

I hope this letter finds you in better health than your government’s reputation in the country, the region and indeed the world. As citizens of this country, we felt the need to write you to share our thoughts and concerns on your recent performance relative to well, EVERYTHING.

Sir, we understand that there are four more years to your term before the country is thrust into election mode. We understand that you will indeed tout all of the good things you’ve done for the people of this country in the 5 years you’ve held the reigns. That’s of course, assuming you make it that far. We understand that moves are afoot to unseat. Until that pans out, we offer these points that may help bring some sanity to the slow moving disaster that has become the Oban deal.

1. You came to the House of Assembly and apologized again for the missteps. While the apology is accepted, the truth is nobody voted for you to continually screw up and continually apologize. Having to go though the agony of being thought a dumb nation for having elected you is enough punishment. The screw ups must stop. Apologizing does not change the fact that you cannot seem to get anything right. You hoisted a deal on us thinking it would be a legacy builder like Ingraham’s Atlantis, Christie’s Baha Mar and Pindling’s EVERYTHING. Well, it is a legacy alright. A legacy of utter incompetence that makes the branding of you as the most incompetent, intellectually challenged and dumbest Prime Minister in the history of this country, the region and the world the truest thing said about you. Sir, you have a gift of surpassing yourself when it comes to the level of dumb when it comes to what’s between your ears. We say it this way because this is what you need to hear. You are not ready for the big lights and prime time of running a country. Sitting next to a fraudster who had so little respect for you that he signed another man’s name six inches from your slumping frame will go down as a lasting image of your sorry leadership.

2. As if EVERYTHING to do with this Oban fiasco wasn’t enough, you convened an emergency Cabinet meeting on the weekend and ran past Omar Archer and his campers in the square. The Peanut Gallery thought that you would have emerged with a fix for the scam Oban deal and bring that to the House of Assembly on Monday past. Instead, you had Darren Henfield get up in the House of Assembly and announce that the

government was finding a job for your wife in something called The Office of the First Lady. That is what you called the Cabinet together on the weekend for? There are no words for the timing of this announcement and the tone deaf mentality that inspired it. As one poster on Facebook suggested, the sweethearts got their offices so why not the wife. Sorry Dr. Honorable Sir, play dolly house on your own time and with your own money. You have enough money to do that and since the government still rents from you, you can set up the office in that same building. The nepotism with you knows no end, yet you called the PLP corrupt. What do you call the leader who sets up a government office for his wife, puts his sweetheart in a Consul, gives all of the contract in Freeport to his brother and makes his other brother the manager at Potters Cay Dock even though Potters Cay already had a manager? You call it corrupt with a capital “C”.

3. You know it’s bad when even Reece Chipman has the balls to tell you fire your ma before you demand his resignation for not coming on board in the Oban cover up. So you fired him and some are saying that is “strong leadership”. Don’t let it go to your head sir. That is not strong leadership. That, firing people, is the only thing you’ve shown in 10 months you are capable of doing and with great efficiency. Too bad you cannot fire yourself.

We will leave it at three points for today sir. We know you have had enough to read already and, like the Oban deal, may not have the stamina to read the whole letter, much less understand. We hope that you will not react to this as a rough critique. Oh, who are we kidding. We could care less what you think since it’s clear you don’t do much of that either. There are 50 months of this madness left. Enjoy it.


The Peanut Gallery of