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viagra sale treat times;”>23rd September 2015

While there is no contest yet announced for leadership of the PLP, with only one man in the race, the incumbent Perry Christie was defended by members of the party including Ministers of the government and the members of the PLP’s National General Council as reported in The Tribune: 

Bradley Kemp PLP Stalwart Councilor

We need to remain focused. We’re trying to build a first world country. There is no time for arguments.

 “For the critics that speak so negatively about the prime minister, I would say compare your life to his. This man gets up early in the mornings, travels back and forth from meetings to meetings doing what he has to do as leader. I respect that he doesn’t allow critics to upset his train of thought with what he needs to do. All who want to speak ill of him, I say that if that’s what you want to do, then align your life with his and see if you can keep up.

 “He has energy from I don’t know where. Many critics, if put in that position, would fold up but he still keeps on going. If we had any doubt that his age at this time would affect his governance, I’m sure we would come and say ‘we think your age is a factor’ and we would be set enough to tell him we don’t think he should proceed and go any further. But we don’t have any problem with him continuing.

I really wouldn’t encourage Mr. Davis to challenge the prime minister. I would encourage him to allow Mr. Christie to complete Baha Mar (the mega resort on Cable Beach) and National Health Insurance so when he bows off he (Mr. Davis) would be in a position to ascend to that position if need be.”

Unnamed PLP Councilor

 “This will be our last convention so hope we can galvanise our supporters behind us and that any leadership issue will also be settled and dealt with,” one high ranking member, who did not want to be named, said. “The person who comes out as leader will most likely lead us into the next general election. Conventions happen in November and next November would be few short months before the next general election. I don’t think we would have another convention because we would be preparing for the election.

“Mr. Christie is in full control and will come out as leader. The main concern is that we come out united.”