Still Struggling To Get A Deal In Grand Bahama

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Back in the mix over the past week was Steve Wynn, the man how had originally under the PLP offered to buy the Grand Lucayan Hotel in Grand Bahama and get people to work again.  You remember the cry to fix Grand Bahama from FNM partisans in Freeport.  So far nothing done. The Minister of Tourism, he of the motor mouth, trashed Mr. Wynn’s offer.  The Minister of Finance said if they agreed to the terms, the government may as well take its pants down.  Now Mr. Wynn has surfaced again.  No one knows what it means but those who read the tea leaves know that the FNM is desperate.  They over promised what they could deliver.  They have nothing to show for their six months in office.  They have become rapidly unpopular.  So they must be hoping that Mr. Wynn can save them from their treachery.