The Sexual Abuse Allegations In The U S

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Gay Talese, the U S journalist and writer of nonfiction, had a reaction to the recent spate of allegations, confessions and denials in the United States and the United Kingdom on sexual assaults and harassments with which we agree: “Suck it up”.  We simply cannot understand why that country has devolved into a feeding frenzy over this.  The allegations over Bill Cosby, the popular comedian, were ridiculous enough. Then came the Harvey Weinstein allegations. Now every day, every week there is some allegation from the sublime to the ridiculous. The reaction of the US business world is just as ridiculous.  People who have had successful careers built up over years are being ruined because somebody decided decades after the fact that they are going to tell their story.  What this shows is the puritanical nature of both the United Kingdom and the U S.  Each country has this issue with sex which is a natural phenomenon and which they want to govern with ridiculous rules about what or what shouldn’t be done.  It simply cannot happen and doesn’t in real life.  Where there are real assaults, rapes etc. then surely there must be redress.  Crimes against minors are a no no. However, we say that old man George Bush, confined to a wheel chair and in his nineties, and the allegation is that he touched a woman’s behind.  My goodness me. How silly.   What a strange country.