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Dame Joan Sawyer in full flight rabid dialogue

There are two kinds of FNMs in this Bahamas.  There are stupid FNMs and sensible FNMs.  Unfortunately, the stupid FNMs are now in control of the country.  As a result the whole country now suffers.

One such stupid FNM was someone who signs him or herself as Dodgridge Lewis on Facebook. No doubt this is a nom de plume for some phoney who wants to be noticed but we make the point using him because his views are typical of the stupid FNMs who are the masters of our fate.  They are so stupid that you cannot even begin to wonder where to start.

Last week, our photo of the week showed Shane Gibson, the former Minister of the Government, as he was taken in handcuffs and without his crutches to court, in obvious pain and discomfort.  The column pointed out the unlawfulness of the conduct and the inhumanity of it even if it were not unlawful.  Mr. Lewis responded not in a rational way but in the form of an irrational, hysterical diatribe, by saying Mr. Gibson “with his corrupt ass” and said that the police should have put a dog chain around his neck.

This is the stupidity that you have to put up with in this country today. It passes for a sensible discussion on public policy.  Mr. Lewis by his comments about Mr. Gibson is on the face of it guilty of a criminal libel and so perhaps the police should arrest him and put the dog chain around his neck.

The next on the stupid FNM list is Dame Joan Sawyer.  She was intervening in the press again last week to attack two distinguished clerics Archbishop Drexel Gomez and Bishop Neil Ellis, both of whom had deplored the inhumanity shown to Shane Gibson as he was taken to court.   They made no other comment.  According to Joan Sawyer, stupid woman, this was wrong.

The Privy Council has deplored the practice in legal cases before the courts of slave shaming by bringing people to court in cuffs and shackles, but a lawyer, nay even a former judge, says that this is something about which two clerics should not be able to speak.

Dame Joan has been irrelevant for years.  She shamed all womanhood by not supporting gender equality in The Bahamas.  She is now irrelevant and sadly is seeking headlines to make herself relevant.  She instead she goes into the column of stupid FNMs.

One of our friends who is a professional called up to say that an American businessman in Ft Lauderdale called him and asked him was what the hell was going on in The Bahamas.  He asked: are my plans to invest in The Bahamas a good idea?  It seems like the country is in trouble,

He said that because every time he is reading in the newspapers some Bahamian Government official is saying bad things about their own country.  The FNM will not stop until this country and its economy is talked into the ground.

The question is: when will the sensible FNMs begin to speak and reign in the stupid FNMs? But then again maybe they are all stupid FNMs; there are no sensible ones left.

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