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It is difficult to fathom how well thinking people in the United States must be feeling now that this man Donald Trump is their President and has been so now for over half a year. He is an embarrassment.  Nothing in his head.  Last week, he stooped to a new low when he promised that he would rain fire and fury on the North Koreans because they have a nuclear arsenal and because they have used rhetorical excesses themselves to say things about the United States, which he perceives as a threat.  The fact is North Korea cannot do anything to the United States.  The very notion is ludicrous.  The problems of a war at this time which will kill millions of people should cause everyone to pause.  North Korea is not that significant in the world economy, not significant in the scheme of things and can be contained.  There is no reason why they cannot have nuclear weapons.  They will never be allowed to use them. This bellicose rhetoric by the person who is supposed to be the Guardian of peace is simply unacceptable.  Then to make matters worse, after John Kerry under the Obama Administration pledged that the United States would no longer interfere in the affairs of Latin American and Caribbean nation, Mr. Trump indicates that he might use military intervention in Venezuela.  For what?  What threat does Venezuela pose to the United States?  What did Venezuela do to the United States that would cause the United States to think of military intervention? That too is simply unacceptable.  Lord help us when the dummies get control of power and don’t have a clue what they are doing.