Sullying The Name Of Urban Renewal

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discount viagra medicine times;”>Cynthia “ Mother” Pratt, Co-chair of Urban Renewal and Algernon Allen her Co-chair were both incensed when Candia Dames using a leaked and unverified copy of a report said to have been done by the Auditor General about Urban Renewal made its way to the papers last week.  She said that she was never a young thief and she certainly wasn’t an old thief.  The report claimed that there were serious irregularities in the Urban Renewal programme, and malfeasance in the money spent.  There was a merciless assault on the auditor general by the two Co-Chairs.  Later the two refused to appear before the  Public Accounts Committee who commissioned the report.  They said they had not seen it and the notice to appear was unreasonable.  PAC Chair Hubert Chipman said that the report was indeed leaked  though not from him but he was surprised that they were attacking the Auditor General.  Of course he was not saying that when the Auditor General attacked his reputation way back in 2005 when he  Mr. Chipman served as Chair of the Educational Loan Authority.  What a difference a few years makes. bottom line is the report of the Auditor General will now become political football while the programme is a good one helping people.  The FNM is seeking to sully the programme by making it a part of their scandal narrative. As Mother Pratt likes to say: the devil is a liar.