T B Spreads In The Bahamas

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Eight persons connected at Garvin Tynes School tests Positive for TB
The Government is not being forthright nor comprehensive in this matter of the incidence of TB in New Providence. Why are we having this problem?
NASSAU, Bahamas — Minister of Health, Dr. the Hon. Duane Sands held a press conference at the Ministry, Thursday, February 8, 2018, to dispel the misinformation and state the actions taken by the Tuberculosis (TB) unit as well as to provide a preliminary report and outline the course of action taken by the Ministry of Health to address any new cases of TB in the country.

Dr. Sands said preliminary results of recent screening at Garvin Tynes indicate that 38 students have tested negative; 46 teachers have been tested with two positive, 40 negative and two not yet read; 12 parents tested with one positive, 10 negative and one not yet read; and 22 in administration and support staff tested with three positive.

“I assure the public that the staff from the Ministry of Health will complete the screening exercise at Garvin Tynes Primary School and those students, teachers, administrators and support staff who test positive will be given additional tests as needed to determine whether they have the disease. It is therefore critical for students to participate in the screening programme.”

He also wished to remind the public that in recent weeks, the Ministry of Health has conducted extensive screening exercises on Eleuthera, R.M. Bailey High School and more recently the Gaming Board in Nassau, which resulted in 17 positives out of 81 tested.

“Those results according to International Standards did not allow for cause of concern or public panic.”

Dr. Sands said the Ministry will continue to conduct the prescribed TB screenings throughout the country as required.