PLP Welcomes Decision On Children Out Of Wedlock And Citizenship

The following statement  is by the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party Philip Brave Davis MP: 28 May 2020 We support the decision given on 25 May 2020 of the Supreme Court in Rolle et al. v A.G. (2019) that the child of an unmarried Bahamian man born in The Bahamas to a non-Bahamian woman […]

Jonquel Jones Changes Her Citizenship

Jonquel Jones, the WNBA Bahamian sensation, who was born and raised in Eight Mile Rock and came up under Coach Gladstone Moon McPhee, is no longer a Bahamian or so we think.  The Freeport New announced on 20 September that she ahs accepted the citizenship of the Eastern European state in the Balkans called Bosnia- […]

Jonquel Jones Response To Bahamians Because She Changed Her Citizenship (posted on FB)

Hey Bahamas in light of everything that has transpired yesterday I felt compelled to elaborate. First off I’d like to commend Fred the editor and chief of the Freeport news on writing a great article. Everything he said was true and well planned. To everyone at home please know that I am and will always […]

Frankie Campbell Has Some Splaining To Do On Citizenship & Passports

Appearing on the Darold Miller Show Minister of Transport Frankie Campbell whose mother is Haitian indicated that he hold two passports. Now it could be that he means passports as in Diplomatic and Regular but many PLPs took it to mean that he holds both a Bahamian and Haitian passport. If it is the latter, […]