Kwasi Thompson, the Minister with a red mask. Hmm 7 May 2020 If you don’t laugh, you will cry as the FNM tries to take credit for the PLP’s projects in Grand Bahama. So with nothing else to report, they were all gathered all of them, accept our friend Rev Fredrick McAlpine, to say what […]

We Are Not For A Credit Bureau…We Are Not For Abolishing Paper Currency

The Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest last week commissioned the Bahamas Credit Bureau.  This is a bureaucracy invented by the Central Bank to provide guidance for banks when they want to lend money to people.  You will have to get a report from the credit bureau in order to borrow.  This is just another scheme […]

Central Bank Provides Cheaper Credit

Despite the Standard Poors decision to downgrade our investment grade status, the Central Bank of The Bahamas said that the state of the reserves was sufficiently robust to lower the Bahamian prime interest rate. The decision is significant in that it lowers the cost of borrowing by four tenths of a percent. This will have the […]

US Warning On Credit Card Fraud

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