Senator Darville Delivers The Principle Address On The Budget

  The PLP’s Senate team during the Budget Debate 21 June 2018. Senator Fred Mitchell, at the podium Senator Michael Darville, Senator Jobeth Coleby and Senator Clay Sweeting. Senator Michael Darville in a one and half hour address to the Senate challenged the Government to fix Grand Bahamas and to step bac from its plan […]

Andrew Allen Delivers A Body Blow To The FNM

EDITOR, The Tribune. IT would be easy to laugh off the inane and senseless statements emanating from the FNM government (generally in defence of equally inane and senseless actions) were they not so apparently committed to actions that will, at the least, be a distraction from the real issues of governance and, at most, cause […]

Darron Cash Delivers A Cut Ass To The FNM

This note was posted on the Facebook page of the former Chairman of the FNM and former Senator Darron B Cash on 29th September.  It was an even bigger scorcher  than the one the day before about the FNM needing a “ come to Jesus moment”. Being chairman of a political party is a difficult […]