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Guardian image of Hubert Ingraham

When Fred Mitchell MP and Minister for the Public Service turned up for the signing of the book of condolences on the death of former Senator J Barrie Farrington at the public square 23 October 2021, Hubert Ingraham, the former Prime Minister and the senior statesman of the FNM, was in full flight with the press. He told them that it was as clear as day that on 27 November 2021 that there will be a new leader of the Free National Movement.  After that statement went viral on the  news sites, there quickly came a statement saying that  Hubert Minnis would not allow his name to be entered into the nomination process for leader of the FNM. A friend wrote: good riddance.  Mr. Mitchell asked Mr. Ingraham who he was supporting, he said he would not be actively involved in the campaign but would simply go and vote. The times they are a changing.