Kendal Demeritte Says Give Dr. Minnis A Break

Funk’s Short Corner: Featuring Funk on the Corner The corner is a Magna cum laude graduate of the University Of Wulff Rd., Central Highway and Cleso’s Campus with a Master’s Degree in “Humanistics”, Street Behaviour & Local Politics. Well, well, a change has come in the governance of The Bahamas. Not unexpected, but the margin of […]

A Message From Kendal Demeritte

Old-Fashioned Political Fundraising To whom it may concern   In the constituency of Fox Hill, in Nineteen Ninety-seven, the introduction was made… In Two-thousand Two, the political courting began… In Two-thousand Seven, the engagement was fermented… In Two-thousand Twelve, the marriage happened… In Two thousand Fifteen, the committee of a few friends of Fred Mitchell, […]