The AG Tries To Save Minnis On Immigration

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The FNM is fast becoming a government that talks a lot and has no idea what it is saying, at least if you go by what the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis says.  Mr. Minnis told the country that the government would grant citizenship automatically to the children of Bahamian women married to foreign spouses whose children were born abroad. Can’t happen since it’s unconstitutional.  You will need a constitutional amendment and it can’t be done by the statute law.  Then he said he was going to create an independent committee to take the decisions out of the hands of Cabinet Ministers.  That can’t happen either. It took wacky Fred Smith to tell him that.  The AG Carl Bethel later came and smoothed the whole thing over by saying that  they don’t mean to offend the constitution after all but expect to do what they intend to do administratively.  Well we told you.