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The Democratic National Alliance (DNA), the rather grand sounding name, is an extra parliamentary party in the Commonwealth Of The Bahamas. It was formed as a breakaway from the Free National Movement largely because its first Leader Branville McCartney, the former Minister of State for Immigration under Hubert Ingraham, had a falling-out with Mr. Ingraham. So instead of joining the PLP, he came up with the time tested failure of inventing a  new political or third party in The Bahamas. In 2012 they served the useful purpose of causing the PLP to win the general election.  In the 2017 general election they were less of a factor but gave the election to the FNM. Now it is 2021 and we are about to face another general election within a year or so.  They are largely irrelevant. People like the one shining star they have Arinthia Komolafe.  She speaks well, soft spoken and thoughtful. She has decided to run against Hubert Minnis in his Kilarney Constituency.  The fact is the party such as it was, was almost out of breath, gasping for life.  Who helped them out?  Hubert Minnis and his FNM government had the lady called in by the police on Monday 22 March 2021 to explain their conduct on 3 March 2021. According to the police commissioner, they were not arrested on the date to avoid a confrontation and so it was arranged for them to come in for questioning on Monday last.  It did not go down well with the public. The FNM got a smack in the face from public opinion over it.  The Police Minister threw the Commissioner under the bus saying he, the Minister, knew nothing about it.