The Deal: Brent To Be Deputy In FNM

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Former Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette

Deputy Leader of the FNM Peter Turnquest

FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis

Here’s the story going around.  Emissaries of the Brent Symonette political household have been off to see Dr. Hubert Minnis and made him an offer they think he can’t refuse.  They will stop starving him of money, if he will take Brent Symonette, the former DPM under Hubert Ingraham, and make him Deputy Leader of the FNM.  This would mean that Peter Turnquest would have to step down to allow it to happen.  The white knights have determined that the Loretta Butler experiment has failed and will implode.  They were bad mouthing her in the press last week, saying that she does things without telling them.  The wild boy Dr. Andre Rollins said that appointing Bran McCartney to the Senate and Rodney Moncur was a mistake.  There is buyer’s remorse.  At week’s end they were saying that the six MPs who removed Dr Minnis were going to write the Governor General and tell her that they no longer support Loretta Butler Turner and they support Dr. Minnis again.  The Whites see that all is lost and in a last ditch effort they are trying to get a way back into the FNM as their only hope to get something out of the deal in the next election.  So will Dr. Minnis throw Peter Turnquest under the bus?