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Looking at the numbers of people who attended the first DNA convention, viagra sale they don’t have a prayer in making inroads in the next election. Nevertheless it was a nice show. The show was there to anoint Branville McCartney who went in unopposed as leader.  They only needed to take a mirror there so Mr. McCartney could congratulate himself on being the fairest in the land.  Other than that nothing of note.  Excerpts from the speech below.  Footnote to history, if Prime Minister Perry Christie was elected unopposed like they did Mr. McCartney, we wonder what the DNA would say about the state of democracy in the PLP?

Ladies and Gentlemen, On 12th May 2011, The Democratic National Alliance was launched with the intention of offering Bahamians a real alternative in governance. On 7th May, 2012, we made history by capturing almost 10 percent of the vote, and while the Bahamian people made another choice, the DNA has not abandoned its mission to offer true representation to the people of this country.

It has been 5 years since the DNA was established. That’s two hundred and sixty weeks, One thousand eight hundred and twenty five days and forty three thousand eight hundred hours to be exact. During that time The Bahamas watched as the idea that everyone knew to be our only hope unfolded, grew and developed and changed the political landscape of our country forever…