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There was a hilarious video circulating on the web over the past week of an interview with the Minister of Environment Romi Ferreira.  You will remember that this is the Minister who lost half of his portfolio, properly gazetted and all, but the Prime Minister when faced with the facts called it fake news.  The Prime Minister was then confronted with the fact of the gazette.  Uh oh! Turns it, this was no fake news at all but the truth. Poor Romi had lost half his portfolio.   Anyway, the PM decided to give it all back to him except the BEST Commission last week.  Except the press couldn’t find it in the gazette.  So they confronted poor Romi and asked him about it.  He looked like a deer with his head stuck steering into the lights at night, bloodshot, like his mind couldn’t comprehend the questions of the reporters and answering in monosyllables.  This is a jokey government now.