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You know for sure that election time is coming when the second half of the Fred Smith Q C, Joseph Darville surfaces to protest some environmental issue. We call them the ventriloquist and the dummy. He is the dummy. So now he is on a tear, this time he is trying to stop oil drilling in The Bahamas. The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said that he is personally against oil drilling but Bahamas Petroleum Company, the company with the licence, is able to do so because the Government’s lawyers told them that they Government was bound to allow the drilling.  An oil rig is in The Bahamas and the fake environmentalist like Fred Smith and his dummy Joseph Darville want to stop it by injunction.  This is now part of the FNMs campaign against the PLP. The PLP is not opposed to oil drilling.  The Leader of the Party has indicated that once the environmental safety standards are upheld, oil drilling can take place safely.