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Peter Turnquest believes he is from the manor born.  It is a Long Island thing.  It is a racial thing. In that island those who have dark skin have a real problem being accepted as worth anything.  So it was no surprise to anyone that Peter Turnquest when being pressed by the PLP in the House of Assembly on Wednesday 9 September 2020 about the lateness of the financial reports told Picewell Forbes that he was not speaking to him, in fact he said he doubted Mr. Forbes would understand it anyway, he was speaking to Chester Cooper. Mr. Forbes rightly objected to the sneering attitude.  The PLP issued this statement:

From The Chairman Progressive Liberal Party

Responding To Insults By Minister of Finance at Picewell Forbes MP

For Immediate Release

10 September 2020

Yesterday’s performance by the Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest in the House of Assembly shows how clueless the Minister is about the standing of the Government and his standing as a Minister. Not only was his sneering down his nose at PLP MP Picewell Forbes inappropriate behaviour but his so called apology was a non apology.

Let us make it plain and obvious to Peter Turnquest. He will go down in history as the worst Finance Minister in the country’s history. He has presided over an empty treasury, missed financial targets and unfulfilled promises. Under Peter Turnquest the Ministry of Finance has become known as a ducker and dodger of creditors. The Finance Ministry owes almost everyone in town.

You cannot rely on Ministry of Finance forecasts or financial calculations because many people believe that the ministry practices sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors. Nowhere is this more obvious than on the island of Grand Bahama and his own constituency of East Grand Bahama where the neglect by him of his constituents is a testimony to FNM failure.

We hope that this also disabuses amongst the supporters of the progressive cause the notion that these FNM ministers will go quietly into that good night. It is clear from Peter Turnquest’s performance that they believe they are ordained from on high when everyone else can see that the FNM Government is engaged in the work of the devil. We supporters of the cause must work harder to return our country to a steady course.

The Minister’s disgraceful conduct in the House of Assembly yesterday requires a full and complete apology, not a play on words. Anything less condemns the Minister further to the scrapheap of history.