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So now let’s remember this. Remember when just before the last storm was one thousand miles away, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis announced that there was going to be an immediate lockdown for 7 days. No one could go anywhere. We were all going to die of Covid 19 if he didn’t do it. There was revolt in the streets. He got on the TV the next say day to say because the storm was coming, he allowed us to shop and the lockdown idea was suspended indefinitely. When he came back, he spoke nary a word about lockdown and we have been opening up ever since.  And ever since the cases has been rising, almost 3000 now and almost 70 deaths.  So what about lockdown.  Peter Turnquest, the Minister of Finance, told the House of Assembly on Wednesday 9 September 2020 that we can’t afford a lock down.  The revenue has collapsed and well in a word, the economy better open up. That shut the Prime Minister up.  Only goes to show that Bahamian saying is true: “ Bullshit walks  but money talks.”