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“Manners maketh a man; manners and respect will take you around the world.” A humble child tastes the grace of God.
The Honorable Peter Turnquest, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Finance would do well to reflect on these three proverbs. Yesterday in Parliament; Turnquest in an unprovoked attack insulted the Member of Parliament for South Andros, and Leader of Opposition business in the House of Assembly, Picewell Forbes.

Mr. Turnquest insult had a two- fold meaning: firstly, he inferred that Forbes did not have the intellectual capacity to grasp the subject matter; and secondly, he inferred that family island people are backward. Mr Turnquest is now duty-bound to apologize to Mr. Forbes and the people of South Andros, and by extension family Island peoples throughout the country for his ill-conceived and privately held views of the Elite class that his party represents. Now, he was foolish enough to enunciate these views.