The “First” Lady Mrs. Minnis Wants An Office It Seems

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In usual bi partisan times, people would agree that there ought to be the necessary support for the spouse of MPs and Ministers to have support for the work that they do qua the spouse of an MP, Senator or Minister.  But not in these begrudgeful times after the FNM ran a stupid scorched earth campaign against the sensible support for public officials, calling everyone crooked and greedy. So guess what, the shoe is on the other foot now and when the Prime Minister’s wife Patricia spoke at a function to celebrate and support the rights and role of women on 4 December and she asked for an office for her to help her husband’s work, PLPs went crazy, not on your life.  Here is what she reportedly said:

“I believe that as women, we should have a voice to speak to the issues that we face in the country.

“For that reason, I am pushing for this office, which I believe will help us to push for certain things relating to women and children, such as healthcare, the well-being of women and children and other issues.”