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Picture of the Prime Minister Minnis and his Cabinet wasting time touring Atlantis which all of them had seen before (smt).  FNM cheerleader Ed Fields who works for Atlantis leads the way.

Hubert Minnis’ address on Thursday 27 July was a pathetic embarrassment for the country and for his party.  He had quite a build up for what was supposed to have been his first national address to the country following the victory at the polls on 10 May.  It fell flat.  It was filled with the same bromides about transparency and his commitment to anti-corruption.  The problem is that he was busy talking the economy of the country into the ground. What a shame.

The Bahamas is a rich country, not a poor country.  The only issues here are management issues.  Corruption is not a problem in The Bahamas save in the minds of these nasty people who inhabit the FNM and their political agenda to smelly up and nasty up the PLP.  It is a shame.

During the past week, the Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest went to Freeport and while speaking there he refused to rule out nationalization as a mechanism for solving the problem of the closed hotel plants in Freeport.  If that had been a PLP Minister of Finance making such a declaration you would hear screaming from the rafters about how the PLP was trying to take the property of the private sector.  But from the private sector of The Bahamas not a peep.   Everything this new wicked FNM government does is for them well done.

To quote and paraphrase the late Pearl Cox (grandmother of Sean McWeeney Q C), the FNM could steal the eye balls out of the people of the Bahamas and they would not say a thing.

The most concerning thing about this whole election is not the fact that the political class that we have now elected to office is simply dumb, inexperienced, adventurous and foolish, but the fact that the average citizen is hopelessly, woefully ill-informed and does not seem to care that they’re wholly, hopelessly ill informed.

Nowhere is that more demonstrated than the question of the further developed of the Bahamas Agricultural Marine Science Institute known by the acronym BAMSI.  This is part of the University of The Bahamas.  It is the agricultural and marine science school.  It is much, much more.  It is the feeder farm for the introduction of products and improving stock in the country.  It will be Perry Christie’s most lasting contribution to the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.  Yet Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister goes on television and trashes the investment in BAMSI claiming that the PLP spent 80 million dollars and saying in so many words that   the money was wasted by the PLP.  That is nonsense. It shows how dumb he is in fact.

The people of North Andros voted against their interest and now have a government that is not committed to BAMSI and they will suffer for it.  But of course, it is the people’s time so one supposes that will put bread on the table.

If these fools that got elected to office, were content to simply come in and govern that would be fine.  The problem with fools and ignoramuses is that they are full of themselves and are huffing nd puffing about how great they are all of the place and how white and clean as driven now they are.  But they are hopelessly lost. What a shame

Let us hope that these next 58 months go by in blinding speed.  Can’t end soon enough. Let’s hope that the PLP can contain the damage that they do.  Five years is 60 months.  Two months have gone.  All wasted time. Fifty eight to go.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 29 July 2017 up to midnight: 264,391;
Number of hits for the month of July put to Saturday 29 July 2017 up to midnight: 1,293,182;
Number of hit for the year 2017 up to Saturday 29 July 2017 up to midnight: 7,061,363.