The FNM Government Disrespects Ronnie Butler

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You see the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis in the right of the picture.  The Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis in the left of the picture.  But don’t believe for one moment that the two were equivalent in their interest in the funeral of Ronnie Butler.  Mr. Minnis was sitting up in the funeral big as Bookie but had no interest in it whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, when Ronnie Butler, the iconic musician died, on Sunday 19 November, Sir Charles Carter went down directly to the Prime Minister’s office to let the Prime Minister’s people know that Ronnie Butler had died.  The family of Mr. Butler heard nothing from the Government until Friday 24 November.  There was nothing from this FNM government.  Finally they asked for the family to visit but by then the matter had already been set and his family told them what the terms and conditions of government support were.   The FNM did not agree. So there was no official Government support or participation.  We think what is worse is that there was not even an acknowledgement of the work which this man did for our country.  They even scheduled the House of Assembly to meet on that day.  It was only when the PLP pointed out the funeral was that day that they decided to postpone the House meeting until Wednesday 6 December.  Shame on them.