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Both Dwayne Sands picture above, the Minister of Health and Marvin Dames, the Minister for National Security should be dismissed if they do not resign within the next week.  It has been disclosed by cogent evidence in the courts that they interfered with the trial and evidence in the cases brought against former Senator Frank Smith. This is something that the Prime Minister cannot and should not ignore.  It cannot await a judicial interpretation.  The Prime Minister must act now, if the two ministers refuse to act.  Mr. Sands was in court on Saturday 8 September and faced a grueling cross-examination about his involvement in the case. He was dueling with the Defence Attorney, not answering simple questions.  He was asked for example would he be surprised to learn that Barbara Hanna said that she felt that she was being used.  He said he did not know what she meant by that.  He was asked what do you think it means when someone says that they have been used. He tried to wiggle around the answer.  Could he confirm that he gave a contract to someone who was a donor to his campaign?  He said that he could not.  The reason because Barbara Hanna was a separate corporate entity from Barbara Hanna the person.  This kind of silliness did not help his credibility. The Crown had to concede that the telephone logs that they presented in court had been doctored.  He was visibly deflated when he left the Courtroom. Once the two ministers have been dismissed, the Attorney General must withdraw the case from the Judge.