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The Minister of Works Desmond Bannister was at it again last week blaming the PLP for the nonsense which the FNM has done.  According to Desmond Bannister, the reason why the Andre Rodgers Baseball stadium rebuilding was not going along was because the PLP designed it badly, that it was disaster in terms of costs and that something that was supposed to cost 16 million would cost 43 million. Leader of the Oppostion and former Minister of Works said this to The Tribune: “The balloon in cost has nothing to do with the original plan for that stadium. The balloon in cost is due primarily at the feet of the minister and his government for not allowing the project to continue.”  Former Senator Greg Burrows who was part of the consultative team to design and build he stadium said that he was sad that Mr, banister had gone down that route.  He was particularly concerned that the Minister would talk about returns as if he if it was a commercial project. He told The Tribune: adding he was disappointed by the tone struck by the minister.