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Everyone knows that Harvey Tynes does not take any mess. So, it was no surprise when last week the Attorney General Carl Bethel who had earlier and with great fanfare announced that private lawyers were going to fight silly old Fred Smith in his case against the Government, announced that Harvey Tynes Q C and Robert Adams, another private attorney were walking away from the case where Fred Smith is trying to stop the demolition of the shanty towns in New Providence.  The Attorney General said that they would continue the case on their own.   This is a joke if it were not so serious.  The Attorney General’s office is either afraid of Fred Smith or is in come corrupt bargain with him or they simply do not know what they are doing.  They just can’t seem to win case against this fool.  They are always seeking to strike a compromise with this man who has threatened to bankrupt the country by these silly law suits that he keeps filing in the courts and winning because of stupid errors on the part of the AG’s office or because they simply capitulate.  We have raised before that Fred Smith’s citizenship should be revoked.  Anyway Mr. Tynes is out and Mr. Adams is out.  It appears that the AG’s office was simply not prepared to follow advice given to them which if the lawyeras are correct would be fatal to the Government’s case. We shall see if the government will indeed prevail.  Our advice is ignore the court order and simply mash the houses down. That will be that.