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Foreign Minister Darren Henfield had a less than stellar beginning in the House of Assembly as he proved himself to be a captive of begrudgeful public officials.  It is always interesting how new Ministers despite advice from training in public administration always become captives of the people who were sitting advising the last man in the job.  It happens every time and it has happened now with him.  Imagine a Minister of Foreign Affairs apologizing because he has to travel overseas when the very nature of the job requires travel.  That’s what Mr. Henfield did to cheers in the Foreign Office.  They loved it—all those who don’t come to work, come to work late and who disappear for days at a time.  They are back in charge now.

Indeed he just came back from Chairing the Organization of American States meeting (OAS) in Washington D.C.  Wonder why he didn’t do that by conference call.  Then to attack all contract holders in the Ministry and condemn them as superfluous. Wow.  This can’t be a man who was helped all the way up the chain in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force by the PLP.  We forget so quickly.  Anyway, suffer it to be so.  His remarks were made to the press about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  It was a pointed attack on Fred Mitchell and so well if the Minister and his officials think that will get them somewhere go right ahead.