The Freedom Of Information Act

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cialis usa recipe times;”>Minister for Education, pilule Science and Technology Jerome Fitzgerald circulated for public comment the draft reworked Freedom of Information Act to replace the tortuously expensively designed act that was advanced by the Ingraham regime and passed into law by Parliament but never brought into force.  The FNM and its activist supporters have made this a centre piece of their opposition to the PLP.  The drumbeat is always going on about a Freedom of Information n Act.  Well it is said : “ be careful what you wish for”.  A freedom of information act does not in any way guarantee that you will get government information.  The best guarantee of government information is simply a Cabinet like this one that believes that the public has a right to know and just discloses the facts.   But there it is, doctor you have a Freedom of Information Act.  Good luck to you.


You may click here for the act  in draft.