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discount cialis pilule times;”>image005Alfred Gray, generic the Minister for Agriculture and the former Minister or Local Government is not going to get a fair shake out of this process which is now unfolding in the public domain in which he is accused of interfering with the Judiciary.  He is a victim of a kangaroo court, trial by the media and the subject of one tendentious leak after the next which is designed not for justice but simply to sully his reputation politically.  No good can come of this.  What is confounding is the subject of the original allegation by the FNM that a conversation which arises between local government administrators and Ministers of Local Government which is certainly routine and is supposed to be confidential should be transformed by FNM propaganda into something which it isn’t.  If the PLP gets hornswoggled into that argument then there is hope for every devil in the deep blue sea.  We have no idea what actually happened or what was said.  The point is how can this man whatever happens recover from this serious of pointed, selective, irresponsible attacks and biased story telling.  Last week on Thursday 23rd April, within days of the report being sent by the Commissioner of Police to the Attorney General for review, you have the affidavit of Mr. Gray leaked to the press.  It could only have come from a limited set of sources.  Yet no public official has answered and accounted to the public about how a confidential document of that nature leaks to the press.  This sullies the whole process.  It suggests that the whole thing was a put up job from the start.  The press, the public officials all have much to answer for in this process.