The Lies Told On The Allowance For MPs By The FNM

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During the week, the FNM announced that they would be spending some 20 million dollars on capital projects over the five years of their term.  Only the headlines were deceptive.  The FNM was seeking by sleight of hand to answer the PLP’s argument that they are contracting the economy of The Bahamas.  This is what they have done.  Each MP gets 100.000 a year for capital projects.  They added up the 100,000 dollar over the 39 MPs and then multiply that by five years.  That comes to 19.5 million dollars.  It isn’t then as good as it looks.  The monies are now controlled by an act of Parliament.  What this does is it prevents MPs from using the money to help social groups in the constituency.  The result of that has been for example, that the MP for Fox Hill Shonel Ferguson gave no support to the Fox Hill Festival this year.  She had no money of her own to give and went around begging the business community that is already broke because of FNM policies to give to the Festival.  So we thought we would explain, this piece of crookedness in which the FNM is engaged.