The Lights Keep Going Out…PLP Demands Answers

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Minister for Electricity Desmond Bannister

The Tribune of Friday 10 August reported that Desmond Bannister, the Minister responsible for relations with Bahamas Power and Light was angry about a press release that the PLP issued though its Chairman Fred Mitchell about the inability of the power company to keep the lights on.  The press release is posted below.  The Minister denounced it all as PLP fake news and propaganda.  The problem is he did not say whether what the Chairman said was correct.  The BPL press release said that the power would collapse resulting in power cuts for two hours.  Those cuts were more like 24 hours.  Exuma is in the midst of a power crisis as well.  The Manager of BPL was in the press saying that they fired too many people and so have to hire to fill some 50 to 60 people to replace those who they fired.  Yet the Minister says what the PLP said was fake news. The Minister ought to think again.


Office Of The Chairman of The PLP

On The Collapse of BPL Services

9th August 2018


The Minister responsible for BPL has to tell us now what is going on with BPL. The public had earlier been assured of a sufficient supply of electricity to deal with the demands for power during the summer. Today BPL admitted in an announcement that its services in New Providence are to collapse for at least 2 hours. This is unacceptable.


BPL also has power generation problems in Exuma where the power failures are chronic and of long duration. It has ruined the summer for both residents and tourists alike.


To add to this tale of woes are reports that the BPL staff are so stressed and stretched to the limit that people are being allowed to sleep on the job in order to work the overtime which is required to keep the lights on. Fatigue ultimately causes accidents. This shortage is now confirmed with BPL announcing that since they laid off so many people there are 60 vacancies they have to fill.


This government is clueless and has no plan.


We must have full and frank disclosure from the Minister.