Tribune Columnist Richards Talking Fool About The PLP

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Tribune photo at PLP Convention 28 July 2018

A man John Richards wrote in The Tribune about the PLP and its process of review.  He is a fool and a racist. Sorry about such total denunciation.  But every week there is just so much rubbish being printed about the PLP that the only way to deal with it, is to expose their dog whistle politics for what it is.  Mr. Richards claims that he PLP needs to get rid of its leader Philip Davis because he was responsible and part of the regime that was rejected by the people of the country 2017.  Here are the facts just on the issue of rejected by the people assertion.  The people of this country made a serious error and mistake voting the PLP out of office.  They were manipulated by a set of dishonest crooks, who were fronting for the racist UBPs, who were plotting scheming to take over the resources of this country and manipulate the organs of the state for their benefit.  The Bahamian people did not see that but now it unfolds before their eyes that we have the same greedy, racist regime that ruled this country before 1967 back in power and they are grabbing up everything in sight.  Mr. Richards and those like him are part of maintaining that scheme on the Bahamian people.  The Tribune is part of the problem.   Bahamas Agriculture Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) is not a burnt out building and Philip Davis had no responsibility for the building burning down or the lack of insurance. That is just one example of the untruths being spun by these media people who adopt FNM propaganda as if it is the truth.