The Liquidators Take Control Of Bahamar… Izmirlian Is Out

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mind times;”>The truth most times comes out in the end.  The truth in this instance of Bahamar has come out.  Last week. Sarkis Izmirlian in one of his usual  silly letters to the so called “ citizens” of Bahamar claimed that he and his company had won a victory for his project when the Supreme Court appointed a provisional liquidator.  We all knew it was a load of nonsense but that has not stopped him from spinning nonsense in the past.  Now the truth has come out with the order of the judge.  The  provisional liquidators have taken command of the project including all the assets,  and the bank accounts. It can run the business.  It can borrow.  It can hire and fire save for a limited number of employees.  There is a status hearing on 2nd November.  We repeat what we said last week, Mr. Izmirlian is out and now the project may have  a chance to get finished by Christmas.  Mr. Izmirlian, his lawyers and the p r people can spin this as much they like, the court order tells the truth of the story.