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We have over the past year sited chapter and verse of the peccadillos of the Free National Movement with regard to their performance in Government.  They lied to the Bahamian people about what was happening in the country and with the PLP.  PLPs accepted along with masses of other people that story. The propaganda job was so complete that even today PLPs have a problem recognising that they were duped by the manipulation of information to the point where they have adopted the propaganda of the other side.  Be all that as it may, however, the facts as they are now must revealed and that is with the FNM you are dealing with a mean, heartless group of people.  They have no compassion or compunction.  They fear neither man nor beast.  The record of dismissals and the circumstances of those dismissals is shameful.  One after the next, whether permanent and pensionable or on contract.  It matters not.  They target people who are PLP and dismiss them.  Last week it was seven people made redundant at the Bahamas Agricultural Industrial Corporation (BAIC) in Grand Bahama.  Yet the lambs as they go to slaughter remain silent and when they do protest they blame the PLP.