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The following statement was issued by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party Senator Fred Mitchell in response to a statement by FNM Party Chair Carl Culmer disassociating themselves from an ad about the PLP that was nasty as it could come. Key to whether the FNM was behind it or not: the ad stopped once the statement was made:

1 September 2021

After 7 months and counting of nasty, negative, and misleading ads attacking our leader and party, Carl Culmer, FNM Chairman, now wishes to have the Bahamian people believe the disgraceful ads have just now gotten his and Dr. Minnis’ attention, while attempting to distance the FNM from those disgraceful ads.

In a statement issued 31 August, the FNM Chairman said that the ads, loaded with political lies, have not been commissioned or authorized by the FNM.

The Bahamian people and the PLP know better.

As we see it, Carl Culmer and the FNM are the progenitors of the nastiness being expressed in the paid television ads and related contents making the social media rounds.

Even when the Catholic Diocese spoke out publicly about the desecration of a religious shrine by the FNM several months back, not a single word came from Dr. Minnis on the matter.

With 16 days leading to the general elections, this FNM government has used up much of its resources on defamatory and distasteful ads. It is too late for the FNM to shed crocodile tears and publicly condemn the dishonest and vicious attacks on our leader, candidates, and party.

As Bahamians continue to die and suffer, while Dr. Minnis and the FNM hold super spreader campaign rallies, dancing and spending millions, this uncaring government is offering nothing of substance for our nation’s future.

The FNM’s last ditch desperate attempt to now distance this failed government from the nasty election campaign ads, falls short on confession, contrition, and convincing.

The PLP remains focused on *A NEW DAY* and a better quality of life FOR ALL Bahamians.