The New Police Anti-Corruption Unit… House Closes Until 13 Sept

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Tribune photo of Marvin Dames Minister of National Security

Obviously the FNM was not ready to govern.  They came to office on 10 May and lied to the Bahamian public by saying they were ready to govern.  They were not.  Proof is they passed the Budget which is prepared by public officials not by them and then closed the House of Assembly down until 13 September with no legislation on the agenda.  Enjoy your vacation FNM.  It’s the people’s time.  But never mind all that Marvin Dames spoke behind his shades and told us that the government and its Attorney General is working in his words “assiduously” on legislation to lock up PLP MPs.  Anti-Corruption legislation which the public has no interest in and which will not put a copper in the Treasury is being worked on and will be ready by the fall.  To boot a new police unit has been formed to lock up former PLP MPs.  The list was circulated by the Commissioner of Police.