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With one year behind us, the PLP should now begin to pivot.  It looks as though the PLPs are finally beginning to stop whining and crying about losing in 2017.  The question now is what for the future.  In our next five year term, we know that we have to create some 70,000 jobs if we are to keep pace with the population and its demands.  The question is how are we going to do that?  The suggestion from the Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell speaking to the National General Council at its meeting on 14h May was this: expansion of the Lynden Pindling International Airport; the upgrade of the tourism project in Grand Bahama; the building of a new city in and around BAMSI in North Andros; a people mover for New Providence.  Time to move on.  You see that in our system there is no transition.  When you get sworn in, you have to get to work.  The ideas therefore must be developed before you take office so that you can execute.