The Nut Case That Envelopes Kevin Harris

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Radio stations in The Bahamas need to be more carefully policed by the Utilities Regulatory Competition Authority (URCA).  They are taking their licence to speak too far.  Case in point Kevin Harris who calls himself a preacher but is one of the most wicked people in his language that you can think of.  He is an FNM ideologue and it appears that the FNM comes first before the principles of Jesus Christ.  We appeal to URCA to do its job and more carefully scrutinize people like him who are intent on  using defamatory language  and destructive commentary to undermine the peace in the name of social commentary.   His rants are full of homophobic, xenophobic  insults and they simply cross the line.  This is not the work of a man of God but it appears that the work of the devil is advancing.