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The ventriloquist and the dummy: which is which

Fred Smith Q C and Joe Darville, his assistant, in the enterprise known as the Human Rights Association, were at it again last week. They have so many guises it’s hard to know who and where they are but you can be assured that wherever they are it is for some anti Bahamian cause or some mischief.  So the latest is a silly press release in which they sought to tie the Progressive Liberal Party to video which they say is circulating around the web  about Peter Nygard, the Canadian billionaire who the Americans had the Canadians lock up on some trumped up charges by women who appear to be part of a put up job against the billionaire. The PLP responded by threatening legal action against the phony human rights association for making malicious falsehoods. The PLP’s Chairman Fred Mitchell said in a separate note that the FNM was talking about the wrong Peter.  They should not be talking about Peter Nygard but about Peter Turnquest and the missing 28 million dollars.