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We have been watching the political currents here.  The FNM has become too steady on its legs in the 18 months since the general election.  The country is forgetting that they were locked up and that we were being abused by an inconsiderate leader.  Having forgotten that, the former Prime Minister  Hubert Minnis has been the star of interventions in the House of Assembly where he brings up one cause or another for the ordinary people. The latest salvo was that the Government tax people are being overly aggressive in seeking to collect taxes and thus throttling the economy.  This with the inability to come to a deal with the Bahamas Petroleum Retailers Association is grinding away at public goodwill. In the meantime when you mine the PLP social media groups, there is just the enthusiasm to attack one another.  Not good.  The Prime Minister Philip Davis has used various forums to appeal to people in the party to refrain form this kind of behaviour.