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discount viagra times;”>The country needs continuity.  For better or for worse, it is our belief that the PLP should be re-elected to office.  There are lots of problems.  The younger ones are tired of seeing the same old faces they say.  A new leader must come, they say.  It is not a subject to be talked about in polite company.  They also say that young people are not given a chance, that the PLP does not screen effectively, that supporters don’t get their just due from the PLP, that the PLP takes too long to do anything,  that the leaders of the PLP are blind , deaf and dumb to the realities of 21st century politics.  In many ways they are correct but the central question will be how will the matter frame up when the election question is put next year? The public will be called to choose between a hapless, luckless, crooked organization called the FNM or the  listless, tried, well-worn but still full of vision PLP.  We choose the latter for good or ill.  The young ones  have not much to boast about.  Their next generation candidates, some of them, have within one term crashed and burned.  Too ambitious some of them, some of them were simply dumb, some of them thought this was a life of privilege and money, some of them didn’t know that it’s not an easy road.  The result is some have left and many who have stayed behind in a kind of sulky funk.  Many of them have done well though.  The troika of Moss, Rollins and Wells are the prime example of what the PLP should not do. These are people who came to the PLP under false pretences or illusions or something. They let the party down.  They let their own generation down by being so mixed up that no one could tell where they were from day to day. It is a great pity.  That is the past however. Every young person needs to get on the bandwagon.  There is no time for handwringing.  This here now is the time for action, to re-elect a government.  Let’s get out there and kick ass.