The PM Knows Reverse Gear On Covid Best

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Courtyard Marriott in Nassau threatens to shut down

The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis is learning reverse gear on Covid 19 policies.  The latest gaffe was his Minister of Tourism, mister motor mouth Dionisio D’Aguilar, announcing that  if Bahamians want to stay in hotels in The Bahamas, they had to have a Covid 19 negative test.  That led to the hotels saying that if that were so, then the hotels would have to close.  The Prime Minister quickly reversed gear and that was the end of that.  Hotels like the Marriot are making a go of it by Bahamians checking in on these lockdown weekends so they can have some peace and quiet by themselves without the interruptions of lousy Bahamas Power and Light and be able to go get a drink as well at the bar without having to rush home or be harassed by the cops.