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We come back to talk about this twit of a minister Renward Wells.  The poor fellow had to eat humble pie although this one isn’t his fault.  It’s the fault of another twit who was his predecessor.  The man with the two passports Frankie Campbell decided for some inexplicable reason that he was going to cancel the plans to build a new post office facility at the roundabout Independence Drive and Balliou Hill Road. The project was contracted with a company owned by Scott Godet of Donald’s Furniture. He cleared out his building and started the renovations.  Millions of dollars expended in a PPP. The FNM came along in their zeal and cancelled the contract and made a big announcement about using the building formerly occupied by Phil’s Refrigeration as the Post Office in Gladstone Road.  Stupid.  The building was ill-suited. The PLP had done all the research. The Post Office now occupied has been condemned with employees unable to work in it.  Now these dumb clucks have learned that Phil’s Refrigeration cannot be used. They must start again. What a set of jackasses these folks are.  The only thing is the Bahamian people must pay for their stupidity