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Speaking at the wrap-up rally of the PLP at Gambier House on 15 February, the Deputy Leader Chester Cooper in addition to putting the whole two weeks of events into perspective also spoke about the project in Grand Bahama that the FNM announced in the middle of the dispute over the Speaker and his performance. He asked whether the people who were putting this project together really had the wherewithal to pull it off.  Mr. Cooper said: “Right now we have too little details about this Oban Energies deal to tell what’s what. And I have a question – is there funding in place for the deal? I am not prepared to accept their word for it. I am a man of business. I want them to SHOW ME THE MONEY.

“And I got one more question for them with regard to this $4 billion deal. What is the track record of this business in this environmentally sensitive industry? I googled it and it looks like a relatively new company to me?”

You can click here for the full statement