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sildenafil decease times;”>Those PLPs who have not read it should read it.  We are not saying that you should believe it.  But we do say that you should read the Front Porch column in The Nassau Guardian on Thrusday 23rd April.  It is instructive of the FNM’s playbook.  The person who writes it, is believed to be a woman and a close associate of the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. This is the same column that savages the FNM’s Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis but let there be no mistake about it, her hatred of the PLP is even more.

The column lists a host of alleged peccadilloes by the PLP: one right after the next and attaches the word scandals to them all.  The  latest is that Rubis, the French oil company that used to be Texaco in The Bahamas has had a gas spill into the aquifer in the Marathon area.  There was a report done which outlined the scale of the problem  and what should be done to remediate it and to protect the health of the people in the environs.  Rubis and the government began the work immediately and it is on going.  There is no evidence that any harm has come to anyone.  There was a recently a town meeting.  

The FNM and their progenitors in the press are all exercised about the fact that the report was in the possession of the government for a year without being made public.  The public official speaking at the public meeting said that the reason why was because the Attorney General’s office had not given permission to release the report publicly.  So that has joined the list of the “scandals” so says the FNM and the press.

The FNM domnated press and the FNM ought to go get a fucking life. What a bunch of utter foolishness.  The problem is that  the narrative on this is too quickly adopted by the PLP. PLPs should not adpot this narrative but instead tell their own story. 

That PLP story is how the FNM had oil spill after oil spill and did nothing to stop it.  That story is the smarmy former Minister of Environemnt Earl Deveaux taking a  free ride on a helicopter by a rich investor in the Exuma Natonal Park and allowing the park to be dredged.  That story is the fact that the work was done to remediate the present problem and it continues.  Not adopting foolishness from the FNM.

The Front Porch article is precisely an example of the strategy of the FNM to kill the PLP by a thousand cuts.  Any little story becomes  a “scandal”. Then you have their media girls who spin out propaganda on their behalf in The Tribune and The Guardian all in the hope that the FNM and their gang of thieves will be back to rob and pillage The Bahamas like they did up to three years ago.

The only scandal this time is in their own minds and if of course PLPs are foolish to take on the propaganda of the FNM spinmeisters.

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