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Well you don’t want to keep saying: “We told you so” but we do. We do because it is inexplicable how the people of the country who are most vulnerable, who are most badly affected by any cutbacks in spending or any economic downtown were so gullible as to vote against their own interest.  The FNM administration has been laying off people from the public service to please the IMF we suppose or their own delights.  This is the people’s time after all.  There have been layoffs from every department of the government.  Young men and women are now sitting idle across the nation or collecting money on the dole.  Now comes a report that is even worse than anything done before in these terrible five months of FNM rule.  The Minister for the Public Service says that 1700 people who are contract workers will have to be released from the government by the end of the month.  We told you so.  What should the PLP do?  There is nothing that we should no except not remain silent.  This cannot be a good thing for our country.